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What To Expect From Your Chiro

There is limited evidence that chiropractors are effective in treating people with Fibromyalgia according to a recent review of existing literature on the subject.Many patients use chiropractors in their treatment program and many chiropractors are convinced that it is effective for Fibromyalgia. As Fibromyalgia is also known as chronic wide-spread pain, the disease affects the muscles and the pain fatigue and depression associated with the condition makes it distressing for sufferers, many of whom may find that they can’t continue with their daily life activities.

Chiropractic studies for Fibromyalgia found a majority of Fibromyalgia patients improved significantly with chiropractic therapy. Those who received care had decreased pain instantly, decreased fatigue and better sleep quality.

Please note, Fibromyalgia patients with other musculoskeletal illnesses may find this type of treatment inappropriate, as it may cause fractures or other injuries. A reputable chiropractor would take your complete medical history into account during your first consultation to ensure chiropractic treatment is for you.

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