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Pain Management

A good place to start with pain management is to get a referral to the STEPS Programme which is run at the Fremantle and Royal Perth Hospitals.  Medicare Local is starting the STEPS program in other areas of the city. Hospitals in other states have their own versions and programmes.

STEPS stands for ‘Self-Training Educative Pain Sessions’. The STEPS Programme is 8 hours over 2 days.


    Orientation to active pain management -clinical psych     Pacing skills & goal setting –OT     Patients discuss their own pain stories –clinical psych     Education on pain physiology & movement –physio


    PNI education, distress & load reduction skills -clinical psych     Education on evidence-based medical options -doctor


The main aspects of nutrition that can aid in reducing and managing fibromyalgia symptoms are general nutrition, supplements and avoiding foods that aggravate fibromyalgia symptoms. There have been some minor studies conducted in this area, and more information is becoming available all the time in support of their benefits.