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What To Expect From Your Physio

The best evidence currently shows that the first line of treatment should be non-pharmacological (not medications/drugs based). The treatment that shows the strongest benefit is realistic paced aerobic and strengthening exercises. Your physiotherapist can help you with this, as they can develop an exercise management program for you needs.

No one treatment is effective for Fibromyalgia. The best treatments are often a combination of treatments designed for you, including exercise, sleep management, nutrition, medicines and psychological treatments that focus on mood management and coping strategies. Exercise, you may initially notice an increase in symptoms and its very important to work closely with your physiotherapist to pace activity levels. Exercise is generally safe when practised under supervision.


Other therapies such as Massage, Heat/Cold and Hydrotherapy can be included in your program. With a skilful physiotherapist to support your management, you will be better equipped to manage the pain and improve your function. How soon this occurs will vary between people, depending on the severity of their condition and any additional health concerns.


You should discuss this with your Doctor/GP or other health professional to get a better guide.


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