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Recognizing fibromyalgia symptoms

The main symptoms of Fibromyalgia are chronic pain, amplified sensitivity to touch and pain, debilitating fatigue, tingling and muscle spasms, bowel and bladder complaints, headaches and migraines, impaired memory and concentration, dizziness, and impaired co-ordination. There is a huge list of symptoms that can be attributed to fibromyalgia. It is very important that other possible causes are ruled out. The number of, and severity of the rest of the symptoms, seems to be different for every person. They can also vary from day to day, even minute to minute. You could be walking along limping from a severe pain in your left leg for a few minutes, that slowly wears off, only to have a worse pain in your other leg next time you start walking.

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Other Illnesses

It is VERY important that symptoms and other illnesses that you have on top of fibromyalgia are dealt with or managed. Even the common cold can have a big impact on how you are feeling and exacerbate your fibro symptoms. Something like diabetes can completely wipe you out if not managed. Similarly, the pain from injuries like muscle strains can cause a great deal of pain.

Depression and stress need to be managed as well. They are both major triggers for fibromyalgia.

See the Symptom Overlap page for more information Here

The Ridiculously Long List Of Fibro Symptoms

We have trawled the internet, and with additions from our members, have put together this list.

It seems that every possible symptom could be attributed to fibromyalgia. This list can be a bit scary. It is important that you don’t just attribute new symptoms to fibromyalgia. You should always let your doctor know about them.

You can download it  HERE